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  • March 2, 2020
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A few years ago, AI was considered as an innovation, a huge trend, that could change the face of the technology industry or could fade away into the thin air, but it has stayed like it has been here since forever. It has now become an integral part of almost any modern device. Mobile devices too are not exempted from this amazing technology anymore

Mobile is the basic device and hence any nuisance entering the industry is relevant to the mobile apps in one or the other way. Let get straight to the point, from AR to VR, from chatbots to predictive analysis, AI is part of everything. Business and organizations these days are hunting for new ways to integrate AI into various things and enhance their customer experiences. After all, happy customers are the secret to a successful business. Well, it’s not just AI; machine learning has also tagged along and made some extraordinary impact on the each and every sector.

With the conjoined use of AI and mobile apps, tasks that previously needed humans can now be done by machines. Voice recognition and face recognition are some of the prevalent examples of the same. When it comes to AI affecting the mobile app development, there are basically two types of AI, one is strong and the other one is the week. How do you differentiate between both the types? It’s easy, a strong AI would pick out the humans thoughts and activities. Whereas, the weaker one is just able to pick out the human activities and not their thoughts. Apart from the weak and strong classification, there is also restricted and general AI classification based on the type of programming. If your mind is having the thought process of integrating AI into your mobile app, you must look forward to both the positive and negative aspects of it.

Positive Aspects of AI
Let’s discuss the positive impacts of integrating AI into your Mobile Applications:

1) Getting done with monotonous work becomes easy

It can be quite frustrating for the people for pursuing the same time-consuming job again and again. This is a waste of time and probably kills creativity. Now, when such tasks are taken care by AI, Mobile App Development Company can actually focus on the more important tasks, solve some real-time app development trouble and pour some innovative input into the application.

2) Curtailed errors

In a sector where there is no room for errors, integrating AI is one of the best things to generate an output with the utmost accuracy and perfection. Since, One-minute numerical mistake can result in making the entire calculation go wrong if you are in any such industry and can’t afford to make such errors, then AI is the most trusted options that you can opt for.

3) Work for prolonged hours without losing efficiency

If there are some rigorous tasks that need a longer time span to work on like mining process or fuel investigation. Smart robots can be built who can put to work for long hours without getting tired.

4) Routine usage

AI has integratedmajorly into our daily life. From travel apps to AR apps, they are everywhere in our routine. Customer experience and satisfaction can be taken to another level with by making them the suggestion they are looking for. Isn’t it amazing, you don’t have to find things; they are already searched for you and presented in front of you?

Negative Aspects of AI
We are sure that if there are any positive Aspects of a thing, it might have some negative impacts too. Let’s discuss some of the drawbacks of AI in Development of Mobile Application:

1) Heavy budget

You know classy things never come cheap. When we are talking about AI for mobile apps, we can say it is not cheap; instead, they are heavily expensive. Building them is expensive, but more than that managing and maintenance cost that is tagged along with it are even more costly. There is a constant need for updates according to the changing times and circumstances and yes, this can be a huge recurring investment.

2) The absence of creativity

AI and machine learning can help to follow the directions and do as suggested, but it won’t be able to bring the flair of creativity which only humans can bring. AI technology is perfect without errors, but without emotions and feelings as well. Some of these jobs include; speech interpretation and recognition, basic leadership and visual perception.

Stronger applications
Our mobile phones, tablets, and desktops have encountered a new generation of technology where applications can talk, hear, sense and think on the behalf of the users. Vendors who use these apps are growing because businesses love to incorporate this technology to generate more revenue and improve their consumer experience. It has been predicted by industry experts that point solutions and platforms are going to be a big hit in the coming years. We have already experienced this technology to some extent through Siri and Alexa. Next step is going to make these technologies even wise for customers.

Traditional programming languages like Ruby, Python, and JavaScript provide an option for Helping to inform the businesses policies and best practices. Rule-based learning can enable smarter implementation of these policies which are not confined to a single problem only. The weaker version of AI has been in the industry for quite some time, but it is essential for developer interference for it to come to reality. AI will enable applications to learn autonomously and react to scenarios without any intervention.

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