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  • September 20, 2022
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Now, after the recently launched iPhone8 and iPhone X, the Apple iOS 11 is all set to break all the barriers. It has come out of the beta after being under the four-month testing procedures. It is said to be the world’s most advanced mobile OS. Not only this, it is also being called a monumental leap for iPad.

So, what are the reasons due to which this all-new iOS has become a fancy topic of the conversation everywhere? There is only one reason and that is its advanced and eccentric features. You wanna know, what are these features? Let’s dive into the ocean of Powerful & Remarkable Apple iOS 11.

Empowering iPad
We all know that the iPad has always been an elegant and powerful way to work or play or learn. And now, the iOS 11 is empowering it like never before. Its new features along with the capabilities will let you do more things easily holding face pace and will make your iPad experience more remarkable and personal as well. Now, do whatever you like to do because it will make you do!

Organize Your Files in One Place
Its new FILES APP is capable of bringing all your files together. It enables you to easily search, browse and organize all your files in just one place. It will provide you a dedicated place to store or to keep your recent files-those on your iPad, apps, in clouds, on your other iOS devices and across other services such as Dropbox and Box.

The New Dock- A Foundational Change
The new Dock is giving a more powerful way to work with iPad. Now it’s available from any screen and enables you to open and switch apps instantly using just a swipe. Along with this, it also facilitates you to customize it with more of your favorites. Applications that are currently open on your iPhone and the apps that you’ve opened recently or Mac appears on the right side of the Dock.

Enabling Multitasking In Multiple Ways
It makes it easier than ever to multitask. It enables you to open the second application directly from the Dock and both apps would remain active in the Slide Over as well as in Split View. It also facilitates to drag the second app in the Slide Over to the left. Also, you can get back to your favorite App Spaces in the redesigned App Switcher.

Drag & Drop In Just One Touch
Drag and Drop allow moving texts, photos along with the files from one application to another, as it’s designed for a large multi-touch display of iPad and moving them around is a complete magic. You will be able to easily touch and move just about anything anywhere on the screen.

Multi Ways To Make Your Mark
It makes Apple Pencil more versatile and natural than ever for iPad Pro. Apart from this, it’s also more useful for all types of tasks including getting work done, taking notes or simply being creative.

Immediate Markup
iOS 11 enables you to mark up a screenshot or PDF faster and quickly. What you need to do is just pick up your apple pencil, touch it to the screen and start writing. It’s a simple way to go.

Quick Notes
Just use your Apple Pencil and tap it on the lock screen and you’re all set to start taking notes instantly. And, whatever you will be creating would be saved in the Notes App.

Scan & Sign
In Notes, there is a new Document Scanner that will automatically sense and scan the document, crops its edges and eliminates any tilt or glare. Use Apple Pencil to sign in, fill in the blanks and save or share it easily.

Quick Type Keyboard
Now typing is as quick as a flick. Punctuation, letters, symbols and number marks, all are on the same keyboard. Forget all that switching back and forth and just flick down on a key to select whatever you need quickly.

Featuring App That Will Change Your World
It is the world’s largest augmented reality platform. With iOS 11, games and app now offer an amazingly fluid experience that goes beyond the screen. You can digitally redecorate your house, try on a new tattoo or explore a city you’ve never visited by taking the benefit of latest in AR technology. Offering endless possibilities!

Now, you are familiar with all the latest features that Apple iOS 11 is covering. As it has already been said that it opens up both to the fantastic possibilities of augmented reality in the Games and Applications, so, what do you think where this technology will take the development industry? What will heights the development industry touch use this technology? And, what is the scope of developing applications or games using it? Wanna know? Stay tuned and keep visiting our blog section!

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