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Dell Boomi

About Boomi

Dell Boomi is an on-demand multi-tenant cloud integration platform that connects cloud, on-premise applications and data. The platform which allows the acceleration of business by making a smoother flow of information, interactions and innovations through cloud-integration processes called Atoms. With several innovative features which include a crowd-sourcing testing option, (also known as Boomi Assure) and a bulk-copy feature that enables the organization to load humungous volume of information into a database. Moreover, these features allow the number of integration projects to be managed centrally. Application supported by Dell Boomi AtmoSphere ranges from small to enterprise-class products inclusive of QuickBooks, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Hadoop Hdfs.


Distinguished features to fit the dynamic workforce

With the proliferation of SaaS applications and the ever-increasing complexity of cloud and hybrid IT environments, Integrations have turned out to be significant like never before in order to drive operational improvements and pioneer innovations. And Boomi is accommodating the same needs with its highly flexible and rapid development platform that can easily connect and manage interactions or data source in the cloud, network edge and on-premise.


Features of Dell Boomi

End-to-End Workflow Management

Dell Boomi is recognized for its exceptional and management efficiencies. Being an integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Boomi goes beyond core integration that helps to ensure data quality, design and manage APIs and streamline the customer journey with automated workflows.


Easy Low-Code Integration

With an extensive collection of tools, Boomi speeds up the integration projects and simplify implementations including prebuilt connectors, process libraries, and crowd-sourced guidance for data-mapping. It offers a drag-and-drop interface that simplifies how integrations are built. In most of the cases, it completely eliminates the need for coding that enables a quick deployment in weeks, days or even hours.



Market Leadership

Boomi pioneers the integration cloud category and has been constantly recognized as a leader in the market by top-notch research firms such as Forrester, and Gartner.


Consistent Innovation

The industry’s first-ever cloud-native integration platform was introduced by Boomi in the year 2008 and since then Boomi has never looked back. It can be easily depicted from the history of innovation which has 23 patents to its name. And with the backing of Dell technology, it is expected that Boomi’s innovation will continue to lead the industry in the forthcoming future.


Utmost transparency

For the last five years, Dell has been recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies, underscoring the company’s commitment to lead the integrity and prioritizing ethical business practices. With Boomi, one can expect a platform free from hidden agendas and hidden costs. The Platform offers scalable pricing models to support pay-as-you-go subscriptions where one can pay for just what they need and when they need it.


Ability to connect everything

Boomi’s unified integration platform makes it easier to connect applications, databases, and devices. No matter whether they are on-premise, in the cloud or combination of both, Boomi’s unified integration platform ensures the ability to connect on the go and run anywhere. With Boomi, one can support customers, management, and partners what they want and wherever they might be.


Boomi for Salesforce Integration

With Boomi AtmoSphere, Salesforce users can reduce data errors, and minimize IT expenditures. Integration with Boomi, Salesforce users can realize their goal of having a fully integrated and synchronized customer information across business processes. Boomi is the centralized platform to offer enterprise-grade integration whether connecting Salesforce to other SaaS or on-premise applications with all other benefits that one can expect from a cloud-based solution. Each time they interact with the company in order to achieve the best possible experience as manual businesses are time-consuming, often error-prone and results of disconnected results with duplicated customer information which cannot be easily shared and updated.