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Why You Need GST Mobile Application?

Under the GST regime, generating and issuing a GST compliant invoice is mandatory for all B2B and B2C enterprises. However, lots of GST invoicing software and web applications are being developed to ease and to make current billing system as per the GST regime. So, what do you think? Why do you need a mobile application? What can a Mobile Application provide your customers that a web app or software can’t?

Well, there are lots of reasons which will explain why a mobile application is a way better than a web app or software.

  1. It Facilitates Offline Billing
  2. It’s Cost-Effective
  3. It’s Handy (Easy To Operate)
  4. It Sends Real-Time Notifications of Invoices/Payment
  5. The Branding Factor (It brands your invoices)
  6. It Can Be Used Anywhere, At Any Time
  7. It Auto-Syncs the Data When Connected To the Internet

Features of GST Mobile App

The GST mobile application will be having lots of features and benefits. Using this app, the following things will become easier:

  • Purchase Invoice Generation and Management
  • Sales Invoice Creation and Management
  • Filing GST Returns Generation and Management
  • Debit & Credit Card Notes Generation and Management
  • Others Features (According To the Client’s Requirements)

Isn’t it great to have an application that will solve your all GST billing problems in just a few minutes? So, what are you waiting for? Fill the form and contact us now to get your own GST Mobile Application developed by one of the leading Development and IT Company, Micra Cloud Services The company has already developed various GST Ready invoices Generating Applications such as GST 360, Easy GST etc. and working with some of the GSPs/ASPs solutions.