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About Workato

With the ultimate motive to democratizing enterprise-class integration, Workato offers one platform to move on the business ahead. Workato is among the iPaaS vendors which go beyond app-to-app integration and takes initiative to orchestrate powerful workflow automation across the business.

While Enterprise iPaaS adoption continues to accelerate as IT professionals look to the departmental users in order to provide them the application integration tools so that they can access data. Workato enables the intuitive interface to design, build and manage integrations to help anyone to create integrations and automation with no programming skills required.

Features fit for Dynamic Workforce


Modern Interface

Workato platform uses machine learning algorithms which is exclusively based on hundreds of thousands of integration and billions of integration events that ensure effective integrations and automation. With Workato, you can expect responsive integrations where workflows can be designed as simple and as complex with any combination of apps, trigger & actions, loops, error handling, etc. It empowers technical and non-technical users to build integrations to automate business processes. Get 225k+ ready to use community recipes, reusable integrations, and smart versioning to build integrations iteratively without any automatic version control.



More than iPaaS

Workato allows you to set up data syncs and transforms across databases, on-premise and cloud apps to enhance the data quality as well as integrity. It also allows you to connect the combination of cloud and on-premise apps, AI services, databases, and automate business workflows. With Workato, achieve workflow automation which requires secured and verified human interaction with the process, for instance, lead cleansing, approval workflows, review, and task assignment. Build interactive and intelligent chatbots that allow end users to accomplish tasks and workflows directly from chat.


Collaborative Governance

Get a secure, compliant and robust platform with Workato. With Workato, you can use predefined or custom roles and access control lists to limit access and permissions of users within the team. Workato is SOC2 Type II compliance with controls for processing availability, integrity, security, confidentiality, and privacy. Take control of data, and monitor and audit usage, with centralizing access with SSO that offers the control of authorization to all accounts & applications.


Robust Connectivity

With Workato, get 400+ pre-built templates for enterprise apps to get started with integration journey to address powerful integrations which need a breadth of connectors and the power of each connector.. As soon as you retrieve a large connectors e volume of data, Workato connectors use cursors transparently process data in batch in order to optimize resource consumption (e.g memory, network traffic). Secure connectivity for On-premise integration with databases, ERP files, applications, and custom apps.



Monitoring and Operations

Workato is a true multi-tenanted cloud-service where customers are free from provisioning, fault-tolerance, latency or uptime. Workato offers the power to pause the recipe, apply changes and resume the recipe which makes sure to process all new events are added from the time it was paused without missing a single event. Get customizable job reports, advanced queue Management, real-time & Batch processing, cognitive transaction cursor and eliminate the complexity of setting up of automation for long-running processes.


Reliability & Scalability

All you need to scale your busiest day with a reliable cloud performance. With Workato which offers an elastic & scalable platform that streamlines the infrastructure, scalability, redundancy and resource provisioning. Get reliable & always on-access, 100% cloud-native which can be accessed on the go with zero footprints that allows instant provisioning and faster adoption as everything is available on the cloud.


How does Workato Support all your Integration needs?

Workato has been recently recognized as an Integration leader by Forrester Report and a cool Integration Vendor by Gartner with #1 in value for integration platform and #1 ranking in low cost. Salesforce Administrators prefer to use Workato as the main integration tool as Salesforce allows the building of customized integrations to suit the business needs with no coding language required.